(10/06/13-13/06/13) We had a wonderful stay from the time we arrived till then end of are stay! We arrived with a grateful greeting from Claire Chapon and a cat and a few very friendly dogs. (Bebe, Vicki, are a few names remembered) The room was very beautiful and well decorated for our stay and even had a fridge for bits you want to keep. The deco in the room was as very nice, I was pleased with the variety of complimented drinks and selections available even. The room was kept well each day we left or stayed in for the day. Then in the evening we had been invited to sit with a group of cyclists and then we meet Yvon Chapon, a very nice Gent as well! The dinner was the most I have in one sitting I think…. not had a 4 and 5 course meal served the way it was…The food prepared was delicious and fresh ingredients were used with preparation of portions of the meals as well. (Claire’s garden) Wine was provided as well, white and red in abundance! The food was divine the drink was plentiful and the company was amazing. Then for the morning we had the breakfast portion and was filled with cereals and fresh bread tray, orange juice, fresh squeezed I think for got to ask but was delightful coffee or tea, portion of fresh cut fruit and cream da fresh yoghurt. The jams were freshly made and quite nice and lovely tasting. Then when we ventured out we got to see horses and the colt, David, the cute thing was so energetic. He was just going on 3 weeks old on the Friday of the week we left! I hope you enjoy the review we did enjoy and will pass this place on to anyone we know that will be visiting and hope to return ourselves!!

Mme Mary (Plymouth, Wisconsin/United States of America)